All Change for Fred Baker
After a 2 year break in his rising career to battle illness. Fred Baker is back in force with a new and evolved sound. Freddie is the man behind a plethora of productions over the past decade, from (GrooveZone "Eisbaer" / Y-Traxx "Mystery Land" / Fred Baker vs Nyram "Confirmation" / Fred Baker "Total Blackout" / Terry Bones vs Fred Baker "Introspection" / Fred Baker vs Greg Nash "Lunar Eclipse" / and many many more !!!). Fred is back in 2011 and has been delivering a range of productions ranging from progressive house to trance on lables such as Black Hole, Perfecto (Paul Oakenfold's Best Of) & Magik Muzik.
Fred Baker Smashes Tomorrowland
Fred Baker returned to the world's biggest outdoor dance event 'Tomorrowland' recently for the 5th time. Undoubtedly Fred's biggest gig of the summer!
MRK1 feat KT FORRESTER - Living a Lie (Fred Baker remix) (Black Hole Recordings)

What do I say about this track mate? Was it reviewd anywhere? Beatport chart? Dj support?

Fred Baker - The Night Time (Next Single taken from the upcoming album). No date yet.

Magik Muzik 930-0

Fred Baker - Never Let Me Go

Fred Baker is back with a new single, entitled "Never Let Me Go", released on the Magik Muzik imprint.
The true aficionados of vocal trance will find their next most favourite single in Fred Baker's new package. "Never Let Me Go" is based on a touching arrangement with slightly classical undertone and heavy synths in the chorus

Black Hole 367-0

Fred Baker - Free

Fred Baker presents his brand new title "Free" on the Black Hole imprint.

There's a fair chance that Fred Baker has created a true radio and club hit with "Free". With a solid backing track, a party style drive and attractive vocals he might sky rocket to the highest regions of the international charts. With a nod and a wink to the late nineties, early 2000 vocal club bangers, we are nicely treated to an absolute killer dance cut, totally tailor made for the clubs of 2011. Besides the strong focus on the vocals, Fred of course made sure to program big fat beats, a super smooth break and sweeping horn stabs that will make everybody raise their hands.

REGI & TURBO B Feat Ameerah
Stardust (Fred Baker Remix)
31.11.2011 Pulse Factory / Gaurain-Ramecroix / BEL
17.12.2011 Winter Music Festival (Stromae Live) / Tournai BEL

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